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SPIN Car Wash is a developing chain of express-model car washes in South Florida. SPIN is both a destination and a breakthrough. SPIN’s customer-focused, quick but high quality approach means SPIN is more than a place people get their car washed—SPIN is the way you wash your car.

SPIN differentiates itself by providing its clientele with a multitude of convenient, safe, and clean locations intended to engender confidence, comfort, continuity and goodwill among customers.


SPIN Car Wash is like no other express car wash in South Florida! We will shortly have six locations to clean your dirty car and we are looking to grow with more locations in 2020!

Our 3 Minute wash offers a stress free experience while your car automatically moves inside our car wash tunnel. No other car wash can compete with our level of service, clean environment and affordable pricing that fits any budget!

Our car wash tunnel uses the latest technolgy that is eco-friendly! Your car will be come out sparkly clean!

For your convenience, we also offer clean free self-serve vacuums that will reach both sides of your car!


We offer discounted pricing for corporations. Please email us at support@spincarwash.com for more details.


We would like to thank our men and women who are in Law Enforcement. We offer 50% OFF* our Monthly Pass Plans so your patrol car can stay nice and shiny while protecting our city!


OUR FUNDRAISING PROGRAM doesn’t require buckets or sponges!

Let SPIN Car Wash do all the work in 3 minutes!

At SPIN Car Wash we feel passionate about giving back to causes that help your organization. For details visit contact us support@spincarwash.com.